Month: December 2012

Know about your Tab Hardware

When out to buy a tablet, points which may seem irrelevant while choosing one may not be so irrelevant after all. Hardware are the integral part of any device and that, along with the software, decides that how much functionality you are going to get out of your device. Many […]

Karbonn Smart Tab 8 ” Velox”

Another addition to the Karbonn Tablet family, welcome Velox! Karbonn Smart Tab 8 has been elegantly given a short name by the makers as Velox. This is the newest Karbonn Tab in the market after Karbonn Cosmic. This New Year Celebration, in order to capture the youth’s gaming fondness, Karbonn […]

These Apps save life: Emergency medical Apps

You are in a life threatening situation and you have no way of communicating that you are in danger. This is the worst nightmare most of us can sometimes have. But today, with a smartphone/tablet in hand, it is possible for us to send out that SOS message without too […]

Tablet within Rs 30,000

Here we have the list of best tablets falling in the range of Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000 (listed in increasing order of their prices). For majority, iPads are still the apple of their eyes but the new tablets buzzing around haven’t gone unnoticed and have claimed good share of Apple’s pie.   […]

BlackBerry Tablet “PlayBook”

BlackBerry PlayBook is a great Tablet PC in itself. This new arrival has given iPads and Google Nexus run for their money. It has its own OS and an envious feature named as BB Bridging. This feature allows a BlackBerry phone to share its screen with the linked (or Bridged) […]

Apps for women’s safety

Incidents of crimes have ever been rising in all the cities in India, and more over so crimes concerning women have tore down the roof. With lot of legal advisories and NGO coming up for help for the “soft targets” and making the cities safer for people, in this era […]

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