Steps to use Phoenix USB Pro Flashing Tools

Flashing means to install Operating system to the Tablet. Phoenix USB pro is flashing tools which is required to install OS on tablet. It is required to flash ROM, firmware etc . It is use as a substitute for Livesuit, if you are unable to do flashing with it or some error arrives during the process.


Following CPU can be flashed using Phoenix USB pro-
i) A10
ii) A13 :- Download Firmware
iii) A20

Steps to use Phoenix USB Pro :-

1-      Download and install Android USB Driver for your Tablet and install it on PC.  See Driver installation instruction

2-      Download and extract Phoenix USB Pro. Download Pheonix USB Pro (Key)

3-      Download the Stock ROM that you want to flash on your Tablet.

4-      Firstly, select the key file and insert it which comes along with Phoenix USB pro.

5-      Then, Select the image file (.img firmware) and click on start.

6-      When any mobile is connected to the PC through USB it shows that the Device driver software was successfully installed.

7-      Uploading of the file starts of its own.

8-      When the Uploading completes, green light appears with term “FINISH” which is indication of successfully installation of OS on Mobile.

9-      Close the application and Unplug the USB from the mobile.

10-   Your tablet is running the Stock ROM which has been downloaded.

See the working Demo of Phoenix USB Pro …

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  • Zeus

    hello anyone can me help i need firmware estar gemini ips quad core 8

    MB80906_A33_V1_1 2015.03.06

  • Massimo Pizzirani

    Someone cand send me the link for downloda A33 TZX-723Q4 firmware update? I have a tablet where I’ve changed the broken screen, but the grafic processor don’t recognize the resolution (I see all images bigger) so I want to try to reinstall firmware. Or someone know how to reset graphic processor? Thank you!

  • EL Ercilla

    Hello i need help for my vtec tab firmware pls.

  • Feushi Mandolin

    Hello sir,
    I have a china tablet
    It’s company is touch and it’s Android is 4.2.2 and 500mb ram and 4gb rom.I had did a hard reset to it and it had keep on restarting and suddenly it is not showing any display only a black screen with brightness,so sir can you please say me how to solve this problem and again it is unable to do hard reset also sir.model no is a726.It’s a Hawaii one and also rooted sir.can you please help me sir

  • yacine

    image for samsung clone sm g530h plz

  • David

    hey guru any info on this model allwinner UltraOcta-A83 N1021L1BC would love to be able to update this to marshmellow

  • Fazalerabbi Stuida

    I have a Chinese tab locked without any volume key having debugging mode off how to open the tab

  • Spandan Devkota

    how to find china tablet model number

  • Mohammad Ibrahim

    plz give me atouch a726 firmware but it has allwinner a23 chipset and board id et-86v2g-a23-v1.8h 2015.01.29

  • rushabh bharadva

    can this be used for android phone micromax a111 it is not a tablet

    • As Micromax A111 can be flashed using SD card through recovery mode

      • rushabh bharadva

        mobile gets hang wen i enter recovery mode.
        please help me what i can do even my sensors not working

        • Try to reset the device once and if it hangs use miracle box to reset

  • Raymon Bosquillos

    It doesn’t show the check logo. Where else can I get a firmware for SKK Phoenix+ Tablet?

  • Saiky Amer

    sir tablet guru! can i join in yuor gsm furom? pls help me sir, here is my fb email: and gmail acc. is pls acess me to join in your site furom! thanks



  • emsa

    can you make one for A33 or A23 ?

  • rishi

    i have a shinco tablet MID-1089G 13030165 that tablet software was dead now iam in india here this tablet was not service. here dosnt get that model software sir please if you sent that software frimfare ….

    or help to were did i get that software ….?

  • Mujibur Rahman

    Please provide me tzx-q8-713b firmware & phoenix usb pro since my tablet got stuck in startup I would like to flash it.

  • alshab

    hi is there any way to create image file for flashing an android device from same tablet ?

  • surya

    micromaxp350 is flashing how to solve.

  • ecp

    where to get the key file?