Re-install Android OS on Tablet PC

If your Android tablet get stuck at the Android logo and none of the button is working including the reset pin. Most probably this is the situation where your tablet is getting hanged at the boot level of the tablet.

Here all you have to do is to format or re-install the android OS on your tablet. The re-installing process in Android is different as you normally do with windows. We are showing step by step process in the video tutorial using bootable memory card to install the Android OS and the software will work exclusively on this tablet (Zen Tablet). There are more methods to install OS this include, connect your tablet to the computer and by using java SDK method or any other software.

The Process of reinstalling the Android is as follows :

1) Memory hard has to be made bootable. For this the PhoenixCard tool is needed. You can get this tool from here. Pheonix Card.

PhoenixCard has a simple user interface as shown in the image.


 2 ) First format the memory card, then select the  compatible Android ISO file. Please note that different tablet need different ISO files.  Few of the Tablet files has been listed in the table below.

See the installation process in detail in following video.

Note: The ISO which is used to make to the memory stick bootable sizes around 900 MB and different tablets need different software for Flashing/re-installing Android.

Here we have listed few of the links from where you can download the ISO file of the respective company. Other Tablet PC firmware link will be published soon.

             Tablet Model     Download Link Notes
 1) BSNL Penta Tablet ( All Models)        Download See detail instruction here
 2) Domo Slate ( All Models)        Download  See instruction video here
 3) Micromax Funbook Talk P350        Download See instruction here
 4) Micromax P300        Download -
 5) Micromax P275        Download -
 6) Micromax P255        Download  See instruction video here
 7) HCL ME U1        Download  See instruction here ( Above mentioned method will not work with HCL Tab)
8) HCL ME Y2       Download See instruction here
9) UbiSlate 7C+
See Working Video here

As we are receiving more and more request for installation. We recommend post your tablet details on our forum so that other user with same tablet can use the info.  Check out the forum here.

If you can’t find your tablet PC in above table then let us know about your Tablet PC’s company and model name on  My Tablet Guru Twitter Page.

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99 thoughts on “Re-install Android OS on Tablet PC

  1. is this method can be applied on hcl v1 if yes then what software should i download

  2. jethro nyamudzia says:

    I have a problem with my redy, model R870 tablet, there was too many pattern attempts so i have failed to find the email address and the password for the manufacturer and i have also failed to factory reset it please help.

  3. hellow sir can i have the download link for tablet i. robot? or any of the download link i can use sir? please reply

  4. my ubislate 7cx is not starting , it is not starting and none of the key is responding

  5. caren burgos says:

    how to reprogram the haipad hd 7” zync edition android 4.1 dual core tablet….because it will just stop at the android logo .??pls help me.
    thank you.:)

  6. any firmware for an afunta 9 inch tab?…details: android 4.0,ARM cortex-A8 1ghz-1.5ghz

  7. when I press the power and volume up button it is showing me the triangle sign
    My tab is a edutor k-12

  8. Pls I have a medion lifetab p9514 tablet.
    for four days now it being display only lifetab only wen i want to put it on. how do i format it pls.

  9. My Tablet is: Brand= STouch, Model: 747B. nuclear_evb-rt18723au/nuclear How can I install android 4.2.2 without bricking it. Step by step instruction needed plz.

  10. HI,
    I have Polaroid 8″ Tablet Diamond – Android 4.0 MID0814, CPU -AW 13/ 4gb Nand, 512 ddr3.
    Problem is : My tablet at start show 1 image and after ~3 mins show ANDROID letters and do nothing.
    What you recomend ?
    and if i need to reinstall OS pls give some links
    Thank you!

  11. ChiBiiRawrR says:

    1. Tablet name : Touchmate TM-MID710
    2. Company : Touchmate
    3. CPU model ( optional) :Rockchip RK2926
    4. Other info: OS Android 4.1
    5. Tablet Pic (optional) :


  12. hi! you can help me?, mi tablet is nobis 9 Inch , when started freeze on screen “GO” i tried recovery mode press volume down and power bottom but dont work, and the reset bottom back to table and never happen.

    i think that need a flash but you can help me find the correct Android version for my tablet?

  13. hi. my tab was stuck on android introductory logo. do you know how tp fix it? it doesnt have any volume keys

  14. I have a Lenovo Lepad s1 Y1011 from china. I would like to install a new android OS on this tab is it possible

  15. Deepak Agrawal says:

    i need coby kyros mid8027 image file…
    please please i need it very urgent…

  16. I hav ubislate 7c+ but i wanted to burn the image it said select the newer image

  17. I have a proscan tablet plt7777g and it is stuck on first boot up screen. Is there anything I can do to get it to work. I tried reseting it bt cant do anything at all cause its stuck on boot screen.

  18. Vyshnav Raj says:

    I want Hcl me v1 firmware.or which one is suitable for hcl me v1?

  19. I have a ptab 1050 and I need to have it reloaded. Please help

  20. which of the above will work for a china tablet

    kindly help

  21. I am going to install Android 4.1 on my micromax p350 tablet. what you think everything will work fine after this Android upgrade?

    • If you follow all the steps then it work for sure. If you miss some steps and tablet did not start then follow the installation steps again. Will work for sure.

  22. I have a CT 801 easy tablet (android 4.2.2.) – Colorful/Colorfly. It had stopped working and responding to any buttons. I tried volume + power key, and it is not responding – it doesnt show dead android. If I press power only – it displaye jelly bean icon and stands there. Resete button doesn’t help either. I have found what I think is the right firmware for it on but am unsure of weather this is the right thing. At first when tablet started not responding, it did respond to volume+ power buttons, and I did all the suggested wipe cache/factory reset – and it did not respond. And then after factory reset tried for the 100 th time it those buttons stopped responding as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    And the curious thing: I get the tablet connected to the keyboard – and when it gets stuck on jelly bean icon – you cannot turn it off with power button – but it responds to ctrl+alt+del on keyboard! It shuts down an nothing else but it responds… Please help.
    Thank you.

  23. cannot find an solution for my primux tech basic tablet 7″.any help please?

  24. I have iberry BT10 tablet with android version 2.3.3 and due to this I am unable to download many apps and cannot update face book. can you please let me know how to upgrade my tablet and where can this be done? I am based in Ahmedabad, India.

  25. praveen kumar says:

    today my tablet(karbonn smart tab 8) stopped working.
    i tried to switch it on and tried to enter BIOS but not working any more.
    it is completely dead and not responding for anything.
    so opened its back panel i found that some part of the mother board getting very hot when i plugged in for charging. please help me out with a solution via Email:

  26. Sir As my tablet is aakash ubi slate 7cz is freezed on the logo screen. I tried so many methods to boot nothing possible. But I think your solution may be work. But there is no iso file for 7cz please do the needful

  27. Dipak Kalita says:

    How can I Install android Os my tablet ?

  28. I have Riin EF02-1 android 4.0.4 tablet and somehow made the onboard memory 0.00B and cannot install some apps. Everytime reboot, it is like new setup / reset. Everything was erased. Can anybody help?

  29. Rey Granado says:

    Looking for the firmware for Dopo M7088…Thank you

  30. devante 3d storm tablet pattern unlock

  31. I think you are my last hope, i’ve tried the hard reset and nothing.. i have a tablet and i’ve been searched the correct rom for it, but is not very commun in the market (DOPO),
    i will apreciate if you help me how to find the right way to reinstall my android OS,or find the compatible rom for my tablet. please, help me :(

    My Tablet:

    DOPO Double Power
    Model: GS-918
    9″ multitouch display
    8GB Memory
    Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system
    1.5GHz Amlogic Cortex A9 dual-core processor
    1GB system memory
    800 x 480 resolution

  32. how to install the android os @at tab when can not able connected via usb

  33. how can re-istall is in karbonn St taet

  34. ive got a excelvan 10.1 et1004 cortex a9 duel core it wont boot up what iso file should I us as no key combinations will work

  35. Hi! I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 from vietnam, i want to reinstall an android os, can u pls help me to choose the os that im gonna use?

  36. alinsky tolentino says:

    hi sir i need to reformat may skyworth skypad A9 .. my sister attempt to many passwords then it says here that i need my google account . honstly i forgot my google account . how can i format this ?please help . thanks you.

  37. i have a china android tablet and i like to reformat my tablet…thanks

    • I have a digital 2 7 inch tablet.stuck at boot logo tried the volume power button method and its still stuck so a need the software for it please.(digital 2 android tablet)china made

  38. Kastriot Tafolli says:

    My tablet doesnt start up!!!! PLEASEEE HELP?

    I try to install cyanogenMod, and I install cm-10.1 zip and the other half gapps-jb zip doesnt install because E:signature verification failed now the tablet doesnt sturt up so I know that I must install a new gapps-jb zip the problem is cant conect the tablet to the PC to copy the new file and doesnt read my sd card because I try to copy gapps-jb zip on my sdcard but my tablet doesnt read

    PS. I use Android system recovery

    Can anybody help me to so solve this problem, if any progrem existe which help me to conect tablet with PC please help me

    by the way my tablet is MEDIACOM M-MP 1010I

  39. Hi sir i have Oplus 7.1 pad-ice cream sandwich v.4.0.4 running allwinner A10, can you tell what firmware compatible for my tablet? I’ll wait your answer sir.

  40. I have a Lava E Tab Velo+ and I need to format it can you please provide its software for flashing

  41. I can’t find pride touch p1888 firmware. Please help with link!

  42. I just reprogrammed my ubislate7c+ using the above method and firmware and my tab came back to life. But now touch is not responding….can you plz help me .

  43. please help me sir! i got a problem on my 7″ bluedigit g-seven tablet because one day when i open stock on android logo..

  44. I have been facing pattern lock problem after too many attempts. I forget my username and password. I tried all shorts of solutions that is mentioned in this site. But unable to recover problem. now plz give me some solution. the configuration of my tablet is “croma”, model no.CRXT1134.

  45. please i have china tablet, please where can i find the compatible os?

    thank you.

    • For China tablet OS file varies from tab to tab. It would be great if you can post the details of tablet on forum with tab pics, so that we can help you.
      Post the details here

  46. hi,
    I can’t download phoenix card.
    can u help me?

  47. I want to reinstal and upgrade Android OS my Acer A500. I’m newbie on this, please your guidance.

  48. Sir I have a Ubislate 7c+ with camera on at left corner. I found that it was already rooted and i installed the cwm for my recovery.
    After i installed cwm I went therough it and tried to wipe data factory rest, wipe cache dalvik cache from recovery, then whenever I power on my button it gets only to cwm recovery mode
    when I treied to install other rom it cannot format the system
    The command says,
    “make_ext4fs failed on dev/block/nandd”
    “Error formatting /system
    Plz help me through this sir,how can I make it work..
    Thank you.. :)

  49. hi thx for the info
    i did every thing u said but when i choose the .img file PhoenixCard says “script not found” would you plz tell me how to get around that ?


  51. Vasanth kumar says:

    Hei I’ve a HCL ME U1 tab. And i’ve tried all the rooting procedure found in every websites with no luck. When i tried the mptool.exe it shows an error. (Error: DFU) And when i try phoenixcard it shows script not found, use new version image when i try to add the system.img that i downloaded from android sdk folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  52. ok I have a visual land Prestige 7 MODEL # ME-107-8GB-BLK

  53. Hello,

    I have a Windows 7 tablet that I recently formatted so I could install Android on. I followed your steps in your video tutorial, however after booting my tablet up with this Android image, the tablet displays the message that it’s booting with lines of code, but just sits there. No other statuses are given. How long does it take to have this install? I’ve given it about 5 minutes and it still displays the same message.

    I appreciate your assistance!

  54. I have Micromax Funbook talk p350. It is stucked on the startup screen (just showing “Funbook…”) and doesnot resume further. please help me :(

  55. I have A old mach speed xtreme with password lock on it wondering if u all got any info on it?

  56. I reinstall ubislate 7C+ with bootable phoenix card but i found that touch screen is not working…please help….touch is not working after install

  57. I have samsung galaxy tab model GT-P1010

    In the boot up it stuck on Samsung logo.

  58. hi Tablet Guru. I need your help. I formatted and installed the software as instructed by you here on my Android Ubislate7C+. The process completed normally and everything done normally, but the problem has emerged. The touch screen is not working. So nothing happening and I am not able to process anything on tab.
    Kindly help.
    Thanks in advance.

  59. Jehan Zaib Munawar says:

    Dear Sir, First I would like to say that, I did not see such a informative site ever before. I have EUROSTAR epad5 ET754-B13, by mistakenly, it has locked with pattern locked and I dont know the codes to open, with this problem flight mode also has been disabled so I cannot connect to WiFi too. I really need your help, and I shall be very thankful to you. Regards Jehan Zaib Munawar

  60. I have Ubislate 7C+ with camera in the corner.

    I tried to install Android but the msg displayed as ” SPRITE UP ERROR”

    please help

  61. I am using Mytab taiwan can you plz help me how to format this tablet.

  62. hi,
    i have tried the above methode on my bsnl penta is701c tablet as its touch screen not working after update its os, by using urs method i had downld driver from petal offical site , New IS701C 20121201. but while selecting image file in phinic card an error came ( script not found!plz use new version image!) plz help i have tried several type of format methodes from several site bt no one worked……

  63. hi, my tab has same problem as you have discussed in this section, so i have done all the process same as you have told, but when i insert the memory card in which i have installed the os than my tab doesn’t even startup, and when i take the memory card out than it starts normally and as i said already it stucks in the android logo.

    Details of my tab::
    devante 3d storm
    i have downloaded the firmware from devante official website.
    please help me to sort it out….
    thank you

  64. plz help how to re-install or format my android Sunsonic tablet….

  65. Hi,

    I have EAFT Marathon Magictile 10.1.
    Once I tried to factory reset it within android then it asked for reboot and then returned back. Now at power on, only back light glows up, but nothing comes on screen. I tried resetting it using Volume up & power button pressing together, but it did nothing.

    Please help.


  66. I just reprogrammed my ubislate7c+ using the above method and firmware and my tab came back to life. But now touch is not responding….can you plz help me .

  67. you have installed the OS on Zen tab but not provided the link to down load the os for zen.
    i have zen ultratab A900 and want to flash it. plz provide the link to download the ISO file

  68. I have a CNM TOUCHPAD 7DC 8GB Android jelly bean 4.1 and when i turn it on it goes straight to the system recovery menu I think the OS may be deleted could you help me?

  69. Pheonix card is showing error when I am trying to burn the img file…plz help

  70. Sharjah Saif says:

    I have Hunydon q-78 tab.
    On switching on the tablet it get restarted again and again.
    How to get the Android reintall in it.

  71. mathew kings says:

    if the usb debugging is off and the wifi then you can usd this simple method but it will delete all your data but that’s not a problem as all the apps are saved in your google play account. So this is what you will do reboot your android but immediately it shows the android logo just press the switch button and the volume button then when it display an open android, now press the decrease volume button then it will show you a menu then you will move and select the factory reset then select yes (note you will use the volenum and boot button to select) after this select the (reboot now) then let it load. Now it will reboot and be good as new.

  72. I have ubislate 7c+ and I want to reinstall Android OS.

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