Swipe MTV Slate for Young India

Swipe MTV slate 3G calling tablet Whenever there is MTV, everything becomes funky and earthy. And when innovator like Swipe joins the party, then things all together move to a different level.  The union has given two ultimate tablets that has rocked the market, Volt and Slash. And the next beat is Swipe MTV Slate. “Where expressions become real”… not only […] Continue reading →

Swipe Monster Tab is Cute

Swipe Monster tab Do not be scared!  I assure you that there is nothing to be scared off. ‘Monster Tab’… a gigantic monster of fairy-tales with red horns and deadly roars.  No… not that monster. It is again a tablet from Swipe that holds to be a synonym of innovation in tab market. The tab seriously suffices its […] Continue reading →

Tablet PCs, Saving million lives, helping ASHAs

UNICEF ASHA using Tablet PC Jasol, a far flung village in the border district of Rajasthan, is witnessing something unusual and unprecedented. All these days the Asha Sahyojinis used to visit their houses loaded with all types of colorful but heavy files, all to have a check on the population’s health, especially women and children. Asha Sahyojinis, all women, are […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →