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Whatsapp for Tablet


WhatsApp is mostly used in Smartphones. NOW, Learn how to use it with similar ease in your Tablet PCs. Be it Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone or Nokia phones; WhatsApp is supported in all. It uses the SIM carrier’s network or Wi-Fi (when available) to send/receive messages to your contacts, which exist in your device’s address book and also have WhatsApp installed in their individual devices. Once you install WhatsApp on your device, it automatically builds up a separate contact list (filtering out the contact numbers from the device), which are registered users of WhatsApp.

So if you ever thought that WhatsApp doesn’t run on a SIM-less Tablet PC? Then keep no doubts in your mind. With a simple method you can install it in your tabs, even if they lack SIM-slots.

Steps to get “Whatsapp” functional on your SIM-less Tablets:

First you need to download the apk file of WhatsApp and Go contacts. After downloading the files transfer the apk files to tablet pc internal memory.

1) Download the apk file of “Go Contacts” app from here.

2) Download the apk file of “WhatsApp” from here.

3) Now locate the WhatsApp apk file through File Explorer in tablet and click on it. Now you will be directed to installation window.

The process is easy and all you got to do is follow instructions and give the sought information during the installation process. This might take a while.

You will have to:-

a) Pick a valid phone number you want to register with Whatsapp.

b) Whatsapp’s system shall sms/call to give a confirmatory code, use it to confirm your registration with them for the particular phone number.

Enjoy the Whatsapp for free for the first 12 months on this registration.

4) Now find the Go Contacts apk file through File Manager. Click to install it.

5) Add phone no in Go Contacts App. See the video for more detail.

6)  Add Whatsapp contacts:

Remember: The only contacts which show up in your Whatsapp Contact list are the contacts which have their phone numbers registered with Whatsapp.

a) Now when you run Whatsapp you won’t see any contacts in the list, if you haven’t already fed contacts in your Contacts manager (here Go contacts).

b) So, all you have to do is add all your Whatsapp contacts in the Go Contacts manger and you will find all in your Whatsapp contact list.

Disclaimer: We have tried and tested this on many SIMless Tablet PCs but still can not guarantee for all. So please don’t hold us responsible if, by any chance, this process doesn’t help you. 

Here is the video proof of the installation/working of WhatsApp in the Android Tablet.

So, now that you know how to use your Tablet PCs even better now, leave a comment below to share your thoughts:

Some of the best selling Tablets also supporting WhatsApp are as follows:-

1) Micromax Funbook Talk

2) Lenovo A2107 Idea Tab

3) Huawei Media Pad 7

4) Byond Mi7

5) BSNL Penta WS704C

6) Samsung Galaxy Note I and II.

For a detailed list on these/similar tabs with their price CLICK HERE.

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83 thoughts on “Install WhatsApp in Tablet PC


    in a simless windows tab how can i use whats app ??????

  2. arvind Belakere says:

    hi, i have windows 8 pc/tab HP make. i tried to install. does it work for this!!!

  3. Balakumaran Msk says:

    whatsapp requires socks connection to work

  4. THX it works on my tablet Acer b1-710 !!!! Very helpful

  5. I am not able to download whatsapp in my tablet pc I-ball slide 701. Please can you help me by giving any link and can you tell me how to download it?

  6. Hi Guru,

    I have Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet. I use mobile internet (3G) in the tablet. After installing whatsapp, I observed that whatsapp messages are not received via mobile internet but when I connect my tablet to WiFi it starts receiving messages. Looks like whatsapp is not able to detect internet connection via mobile network. Please help.

    Also noticed similar behavior with another banking app which kept complaining of no network even though mobile network was available. Is there any setting which I need to do? Please help.

    Regards, Naveen

  7. Hi there , I’m using lenova tab , I want download whastapp

  8. Will I have to put my tablet dongle sim number in if so I don’t see the point may as well just use my phone

  9. I have w/s in my phone I’ve just downloaded to my tablet now what? if I put my mobile number into the tablet I will lose w/s off my mobile

  10. I am using dell venue 7 with 3g and install WhatsApp this method apply.Problem is that frequently reboot the device to work WhatsApp.How can I solved the problem?

  11. jaishree guptaa says:

    i have iball wq32 tablet with win 8.1 if any buddy have setup of whats app please post link here..

  12. Great man its working

  13. Priyanka Shekar says:

    Its showing download unsuccessful

  14. Priyanka Shekar says:

    Whatsapp apk file itself not downloading in dell venue 8 tab… Plz help

  15. i downloaded the whatsapp by above given method,but on the time on saying ..” Your phone date is inaccurate ! Adjust your clock and try again”…but my phone date and time is all correct…what to do?…any help

  16. Hi team,
    It worked fine in tab but only one device can use whatsapp for the given number.

    How to use it in mobile at the same time


  17. Can I use whatsapp on HP 10 tablet.:-) if yes how to download

  18. It worked perfectly. Great tip

  19. does it work in videocon tablet

  20. pakkasmile says:

    Thanks Dude. It was helpfull

  21. It worked perfectly. Great tip

  22. After entering the phone no. it is showing..’Unable to connect. Please try again later’. I use internet over WiFi through Proxy (with the help of CCProxy and Connectify). Does whatsapp have a problem with CCProxy?

  23. Simon Edwards says:

    Very impressed!
    After trying to get whatsapp on my new Samsung tab 3 only to be told it wasn’t supported on my tablet I followed instructions on here and got it working pretty much straight away. Thank you for such a relief from being disappointed with my purchase to being able to use the app I like

  24. shalu choudhary says:

    my device does not competible with whatsapp please help me how to I install whatsapp in my bsnl penta t- pad ws707c android 4.2.2 jelly bean

  25. Hi Tblet guru ..
    I have Yoga 8 lenovo tablet,but with No sim 🙁
    now that I want to use wats app in that tab and chat with ppl. so can i use watsapp chating in this tab without sim ?

  26. I have 3g dongle and using it in my tablet so .will whatsapp work on my tablet i have no wifi. Tablet lava etab xtron plus , idea net setter e303d

  27. will it work on aakash tablet

  28. Does it work in RICOH tablets which is given by Chattisgarh government to the student….???

  29. Can it work on Nokia C3 phone?

  30. works on my nexus 7 😀 😀 😀

  31. It worked on my nexus 7, but stopped working on my cellphone. One number one installation only.

  32. Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″ – followed the directions and it is working flawlessly. Awesome job and thank you for sharing your guru knowledge with us. I am thankful.

  33. thnkxxx it worked

  34. Not able to verify whatsapp on any level? On a dell tablet running win8 with bluestacks android emulator any suggestions?

  35. Jerry Alyssa McLennon-Williams says:

    Omg! It works on my Acer iconia b1…… thanks so much!

  36. When I search for the WhatsApp in my Google play store it says this device not suitable for this app….then how can I instal WhatsApp in my bsnl penta ws802c tablet?

  37. sir wheres is your feet!!!

    Its totally working on HCL ME.
    Without any rooting and damage to tablet.

    The following work for me.
    1. Install contact app first
    2.Then WhatsApp
    3. An alert is OK, click OK and continue with steps and enjoy…

  38. Awesome!!! An IT idiot like me can easily successfully installed whatsapp into samsung note 8 SIM CARDLESS tablet.
    Your instructions are failproof. Congrats!

    I had my contact list in the tablet, i only follow instructions 1, 2, 3. The rest are auto flowing 🙂

    thank you!! You are genius!!

  39. I tried this and it actually worked, the problem I encountered was that it kept trying to automatically install the code. It eventually gave me an option to get a call to receive the code and manually put it into the tablet. I did this and it is working beautifully

  40. I tried to download WhatsApp from google play..but it says whatsApp is not compatible for your tablet device.

  41. Anish.singh says:

    Thnx a lot guyz ,u just need to have latest version of whatsapp(available on their offical website) & go contacts pro(available on google play)

  42. I have successfully installed WhatsApp on my karbonn tab 2 but I am not getting contact in my WhatsApp friend list.
    I have installed Go Contacts also.

  43. Thanks a lot buddy….. It really works.
    Just followed the steps … u r really a tablet guru.

  44. Thank you. It’s working perfectly on my Creative Ziio tablet. 🙂

  45. its working …….. thank youu. soooo much. ….
    it was greatful anyway

  46. When opening the program the error whatsapp doesn’t work on tablets—–help please. Using HP slate 7

  47. the process works….thanx a lot just follow the desription given 🙂

  48. thanks. And i tried installing in my micromax tab but its not working.

  49. Shejin Sethu says:

    What’s app is not working in Micromax is show as time and date error.

  50. Seriously man, some apk work some doesn’t.

    Downloaded Apk from there website using desktop, moved that file to tablet, asked for Sms verification, let it fail and it says for phone verification.

    Method worked for My HCL ME G1 Tablet. Thanks 🙂

  51. Doesn’t work on Nexus 7 wifi

  52. Neeraj Dahiya says:

    Its awesome . Working on my milagrow tab. Got the latest version of whats app for android from Installation is very easy. Thank you for the link.

    when I click on terms and conditions.

  54. please post the trick soon I am using an HCL TAB with ICS…

    • the above method actually works. Just your contacts in phone number mentioned don’t show up. However, you will show up in Whatsapp contacts of all your friends who have your registered phone number

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