Micromax Funbook Infinity Tab

Micromax Funbook Infinity

Like the Funbook Alpha, the Funbook Infinity too would provide an improvement over the already successful Funbook at a price of just over Rs 6,500.


The features to look out for would be a 4000 mAh battery which would be a significant improvement thereby allowing users to carry it around for longer periods of time without worrying over charging it.

But arguably, the defining feature is said to be the Dual Speakers on each side of the screen which will provide an unparalleled experience in terms of sound quality for music and video applications. It could be just the thing that could help clinch the deal for Micromax when the time comes for users to decide between buying Funbook Infinity and other similarly priced tablets.

Micromax Funbook Infinity Specifications

  • 7 Inch Capacitive touch display
  • 0.3 Megapixel Camera
  • 2 MP Back camera with Autofocus
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 4GB storage
  • Micro SD card slot with 32Gb support Max
  • Best buy from Flipkart at Rs 4750
Apart from the features mentioned, Micromax is providing access to Google Play applications. Some of them would be available for free and the rest could be easily purchased on the online app store. The Educational content feature that has proved to be a real helping tool for school students to brush up on CBSE books without even touching them will come pre-loaded. And if all this is available for a price tag of just over Rs 4,750  then it would prove to be a steal.
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48 thoughts on “Micromax Funbook Infinity Tab

  1. Hey I did not get an educational content on my micro ax infinity tablet

  2. Suman Mazumder (New Barrackpur) says:

    Please Give me to suggest for buying a tab within Price of Rs. 8000.
    My Requirement is given bellow.
    1. Calling Facility
    2. Support Internal Memory 4 GB
    3. Support Office Software.
    4. Primary Camera & Secondary Camera.
    and many more.

    I have 3 choice
    1. Micromax Funbook Mini P410i Tablet
    2. Lenovo A1000 &
    3. HCL Me V1

    please give me an Idea……………………… Suman Mazumder

  3. sanjeev kumar says:

    what is deffirance in these-
    micromax ininity p275
    micromax funbook talk p362

    • they are essentially of the same funbook series models but the main difference is the calling facility. p362 has SIM slot which p275 does not have. Apart from this, most of the specifications are same

  4. so which dongle you prefer?(i had seen in net where infinity only support tata photon dongle only) What is cheapest tariff plan?

  5. Abhishek Arora says:

    Is funbook infinity is the upgrade version of Alpha

  6. what is usb dongle n how to use it?plz tell me sir

    • USB dongle is a device made for access to internet. It is plugged into a tab, desktop, laptop or any other device with a USB port. Various companies like Reliance, TATA, Micromax, Idea offer dongles. For further info and offers check their respective sites or contact your nearest dealer

  7. My micromax funbook infinity is locked with ‘too many pattern attempts” message. I tried to hard reset it by pressing home and power keys.After some seconds I can see a logo with red triangle. After that I made reset through pin hole reset key even but after that I receive same message .please help me out……..

  8. Can you tell me what is difference in Micromax tablet 7 and Funbook talk? Are they same? If they are not same than which one is better?

    • yes, they are the same..but micromax tablet 7 is no tablet..7 is just the screen size of most of the micromax tablets. Funbook Talk P350 is an excellent tab.

  9. WhatsApp is supported in Funbook p275?

  10. I want to buy a calling tab..which one is good.
    My budget is not more than Rs 5000.

    • The cheapest calling tablet is Micromax Funbook Talk, it cost Rs 7500. You may get Chinese tablet in Rs 5000 range but then they are not reliable.

  11. Can you give me the list of dongles supported by Funbook Infinity.

  12. Which is the most suitable tablet in the budget category having a decent front camera and supporting Google play?

  13. Rachit Rohatgi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I bought a Micromax Funbook Infinity P 275 4 GB tablet a month earlier.
    I am trying to use Lava Dongle with Reliance GSM Sim in it but it is saying \”Damaged USB \”
    But when ever I am using the same Lava dongle in my laptop to connect to internet it is working.
    So I have given my tablet to authorized service center to check it.
    So my question is why Lava dongle with GSM sim in it is not working with Tab ?
    Please suggest.

    Rachit Rohatgi

    • Not all dongle are supported by Funbook Infinity. If the dongle shows “Damaged USB” it means that the dongle is not supported by tab.

  14. is tablet looks same as display. from where i can buy Micromax Funbook Infinity Tab. please provide me link

  15. is tablet looks same as display. from where i can buy Micromax Funbook Infinity Tab. please provide me limk

  16. Micromax p350 tab is best but his doesn’t have a rear camera

  17. which 3d tab below rs 10000/- should b the best pick?

  18. which one is best funbook,pro,alpha,infinity

  19. I just seen a Micromax Tablet with Sim Support.

    Is it true? We can use like this tablet as a phone also.

  20. Sharan deep Singh says:


  21. Funbook Infinity lags bluetooth but happy to see a rear camera which lags in older Funbooks. The price is also reasonable. I think the tablet is better than other Funbooks.

  22. What is the difference between this tablet and original Funbook? Which one is better?

  23. When will micromax going to launch funbook infinity?
    are there any chances from micromax to launch a tablet with sim card slot ?
    if yes , then , when it is going to happen


  25. Micromax Funbook Infinity launch date??

  26. Eshraj Dhanda says:

    which one is the best ? funbook pro,alpha or infinity?

  27. Is it come with inbuilt Sim slot

    • Nope..Sim card facility is not available in any of the Micromax Tablet. Internet will be connected through dongle.

      • but micromax p 350 have sim calling facility as i read in specification of that tablet….

        • Micromax Funbook P350 is the recently launched tab and it has SIM facility. But you cannot make call from the tab. It is only to support Internet.

        • Yes, we can do calls from p350 as well as we can also send texts. WhatsApp is also supported.

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