Flash HCL ME U1 Tablet

To flash HCL ME U1 tab first you need to download the firmware of the ME U1.The link for which will be provided below. Flashing of HCL ME U1 will delete all the previously  installed apps that are on the internal memory of the tablet, also it will format the SD card so it recommend to take out the memory card.

The steps to Flash HCL ME U1 are as follows:


1) Download and extract the firmware files on laptop or computer. Download the firmware from here.

2) In the extracted folder click on the MPTOOL.exe file. A window will appear. Download MP Tool.

3) Connect the USB wire to the computer and switch off the tablet.

4) press the Vol + and power button together and then plug in the USB wire to the tablet as shown in the video.

5) If the step 4 is done correctly then a drive will popup on the system, this is the internal memory drive of the tablet and named VDfu.

6) On the appeared Window of MPTOOL a message will appear which says ” 1 Device Ready“. Only if above mentioned steps are done correctly, as shown in the image.

MPTool for HCL

MP Tool Window

7) Now click on Update option on the MP TOOL window.

8) After the Android installation finish the tablet will restart of its own and you will be ready to use the tablet.

You can also watch the steps in the below video also.

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  • jami

    sir my Eurostar epad tablet says unfortunately system ui has stopped please help it is more than100 times

  • siva

    hcl me y2 tablet. Its not reading my external memory card. Please

  • Raj Raut

    if i want to buy the internal memory card with in built drivers means if i insert it in the tab then tab works
    if u have that please give me i will pay for it

  • Raj Raut

    SIR IM’M USING HCL U1 TAB BUT I THINK THE INTERNAL MEMORY CARD IS CORRUPTED B’COZ OF THAT REASON MY TAB IS NOT STARTING SINCE THE CARD IS UNABLE TO FORMAT THE DATA (means the data that i have added in it other than the diver date) please give me solution on that since my tab is not in work right now

  • poonam

    after installing android my tab is not starting….it shows black screen

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      May be the firmware you have installed may not be of your device.

  • MHyun

    Sir My HCL ME U1 Tablet was stuck on its logo,I tried to reboot it again and again but still it doesn’t work.Can you please suggest me an easy way so that I can fix it by myself?Thank you!^^

  • Anil

    Downloaded MP Tool is for printer, please give me the link of MP Tool.

  • sivaonlineindia

    my google account informtion all username and password forgot and misssed every thing…i could not log in my table model hcl me model :connect 2g … please help me to log in my tablet

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Hard reset the Tablet but it will cost ur data
      1- Switch off Tablet
      2- Press and hold Power and Volume UP key
      3- Select wipe data with volume down key and press power to confirm
      4- Select Yes-Delete all user data
      your tablet will be free from pattern lock

  • bashyboy

    my HCL ME Tab Y3 got stuck on ME HCL logo. I think that this kind of method will resolved the issue. I already installed the CWM recovery but since there was the TWRP recovery I downloaded it and try it but sad to say it got stuck on the logo. Please, give me the MPTool.exe link or just give me if you have a copy of it.

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Download link and steps to use MP tool

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Download from above post. It has been updated.

      • bashyboy

        The MPTool which link has been updated is not the same interface with the one you use in your tutorial. I don’t know how to use it. If the MPTool is same with what you use in the tutorial, it would be probably easy for me. Look at this?

  • bashyboy

    where can I download MPTool.exe? kindly please give me the link. I badly need it now

  • NHIE

    how to flash connect v3, theres no software listed for connect v3, i tried u1 but the internal drive couldnt recognize in my computer. what should i do please help i want to have playstore in my tablet ME HCL CONNECT V3

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      Ask HCL for its firmware

  • rounak

    not able to open pak file

  • krishna kaushik

    sir i can not use window XP can i use ferm ware in window 7


    every time after restert of my tab all login and installd apps are delited automaticly & i need to login my account. what is the solution???

    • Naveen

      When you reset your device, it ask for erasing all your data and wants your permission. So it can not be retain or backed up.

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

      reset the tablet
      Goto System Setting—> Backup and Reset–> reset factory data
      start the tablet and check it

      if it is not fixed then Goto System Setting—>About Tablet—>Firmware update/ software update
      when the updation complete check the status of tablet
      it will set it right

  • Neenu

    HCL me U1 tablet. I am not able to download applications from slide me…parsing error showing.Can u pls help me to solve this issue

  • pramod

    sir its showing unable to open pak file

  • rounak

    my ram decreased from 1gb to 300mb

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Open the back cover and take out the RAM, clean it with the cleaning agent (thinner).

  • Roopesh p

    sir i forgot my pattern lock code.
    what can i do??

    • maqbool raheel

      Hi sir I have HCl me tab u3 it stak on logo after flash it not showing any thing secren is black plz help meeeee

      • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Ankur Pratap

        Please post the link, which you have used to flash U3

  • Wickeed Laad

    Sir, Please give me links to reload latest Android OS for HCL ME Y3 tablet
    thanks a ton, i tried HCL given links but they not active :(

  • Karthik

    Hi, my HCL ME U1 tab is unable to turn on the Wifi. It always shows Turning Wi-Fi on but never connects. Could you please help me in resolving this issue.

  • nerie

    hi sir, i cant download fully the link you gave, the error is with the pack

  • Sohail Rasheed

    pls send me this link for this board id firwamre plsss board id: a9702-v1.2 2012-7-30

  • danish jamal

    sir how to download firmware…

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Download link is there in the above post.

  • Yash singh

    For hcl me u1 which can I download document or image options

  • lia98

    Sir, im using Lenovo, can this be use too?

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      No. This method will not work on Lenovo tablets.

  • dinesh kirad

    my tablet is not getting switch on and also not charging just after i pressed vol+ and power button

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Seems like battery issue. Take it to the repair shop.

  • Rajesh

    HCL ME u1 . speaker not working … What to do Sir? will this update help?

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      This is hardware issue. Check the speaker wiring.

  • Rahul Haloor

    Sir,, My u1 Table Has Been set,, I Can’t install any app or Remove/Uninstall any thing,,,But i can use browser n see Video for sometime after 10-15min it stop working,,, I have Done Each n Everything,,,which i have seen in Google…. Plzzzz Sir Plzzzz Help Me. mail me..rahulhaloor5@gmail.com

  • Nadeem Khan

    hi i am nadeem khan,

    i have a HCL me u1 tab and i have done the above the steps, after the updating the os not automatically reboot. If i tried to hard reset that is work but problem is same help me tablet ruru……

  • Bhavik

    my tablet HCL ME u1 has a problem. If i download a app and i try to reset or factory data reset the tablet reboots and no of its data gets deleted
    Sir please help me
    Can i use this method ?

  • amy

    it is support to my hcl v3

  • varinder

    ram decrease from 1gb to 300mb aftar update how to fix?

  • varinder

    my tablet connect without prassing vol+ and power is it effect my tablet

  • rajwinder singh

    update error ???????

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      charge the battery and try again.

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Try again..some time it happen.

  • rajwinder singh

    every thing work fine but when i scan my device in mp tool my devise disconnect themself how to fix plz…..??

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Change the wire. Seems like it has loose connection.

      • rajwinder singh

        not work any other solution plz

  • Ashish MB

    Wnen i scanned in mptool, it says error:cannot open rar file.Plz suggest a solution bro.its ‘ME u1′

  • Block Nodal Officer Bari

    plz sir give me link that i can easily download hcl me u1 driver

  • Block Nodal Officer Bari

    sir i am facing of problem of download break in midpoint mears i can’t download hcl me u1 software continuesly

  • Debasish Maity

    I am facing now in my HCL Me tablet, not sure if it’s a problem with the
    software or with the hardware. Whenever I switch off and on my tablet
    it just resets it automatically and I use to loose all the data. What
    should be done for this now? Kindly give me the information soon.

  • Ansh

    Sir my HCL ME U1 tab is not powering on after i reset the device. Please suggest..I there any possibility that i can power on the tab

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Seems like battery issue. Get the battery checked.

      • rajwinder singh

        not work any other solution plz…

        • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

          Try again, this is the only method.

  • Ansh

    Hi Sir,

    my HCL ME U1 tab is not powering on after i reset the device. Please suggest

  • Anurag

    I have HCL ME TABLET SYNC 1.0. I have forgotten its password. what should I do. What is proper method of HARD RESET for this particular model. There are only two buttons 01 Power and 02 Volume + -

  • Basudeb Chakraborty

    Sir, I’m in serious problem. I’ve HCL ME SYNC 1.0 Tab. The Tab is only showing the logo but not starting. Pls send me a link for custom ROM & Installation process of Android Os of the above mentioned Tab. Waiting for your reply.

  • Basudeb Chakraborty

    Sir, I’m in serious problem. I’ve HCL ME SYNC 1.0 Tab. The Tab is only showing the logo but not staring. Pls send me a link for custom ROM & Installation process of Android Os of the above mentioned Tab. Waiting for your reply.

  • Sravan Royal

    I have HCL U1 Tablet, am confused that what i keep charging to my tab i can’t able to switch it on the tab at a time.. only way i can operate the tab if i removes the power cable.. can i operate the tab if charging is on?.. plz suggest me and help me to operate the tab once power is on

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      The possible reason are
      1. By using another brand of charger.
      2. Hardware fault : Your charging point is shorting. For this clean the charging point using some brush.

  • Nithin Mathew

    my tablet is hcl me sync 1.0 how to get it’s software


    SIR I HAVE HCL ME G1 stuck on logo screen … help me how to flash plzz :((

  • Priyaranjan Dandia


    Is it work in HCL ME U1 tab????

    Kindly suggest.

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      Yes, it will work.

  • Paul

    Thanks a ton..I could repair my HCL tab from corrupted system ui apk file. I tried to factory reset but still didn’t work. This one saved it. Thanks again.

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru


  • ashish

    thanks buddy i recovered my tab from a very serious issue…memory card was not detecting at all n was not able to download and install anyting earlier….much appreciated….

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru


  • ajay

    Error : DFU .What should i do sir…? Please help

    • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

      It means button are not pressed correctly while connecting the USB wire to tab.

  • raj

    teblat internal memory not shown on my pc plz help

  • kanak

    Couldn’t open the link for firmware plz help

  • mohd ashiq u

    eventhoug i finished the update my device doesn’t restarting what to do? (hcl me u1 tablet)
    any body plz help?

  • Afsar

    My tablet is HCL ME X1,its shows only the introductory logo when it switched on,it runs on android 2.3.3,kindly provide the firmware and steps for installing androi. By the way i tried the steps for hcl me u1 but didnt worked.please help me….

  • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru

    Android 4.2 is not supported on V3.

  • http://www.mytabletguru.com/ Tablet Guru


  • Mohsin

    Thanxs dear.
    Nice it working for me
    My phone was hard bricked and a did flash format using this

  • Fairoz

    Hello Tablet Guru,

    I want to upgrade my HCL Tablet Connect V3 from android jelly bean 4.1.2 to jelly bean 4.2 or above …
    please help

  • pavan

    nice sir it was really good and worked for me(my hcl me).

  • jude

    i want to install jelly bean fot my hcl me u1.
    how can i install it help me

  • Ranjeet Singh

    Thanks Sir
    Its work..!!!

  • Shivani

    Sir, I am not able to download the firware on my laptop..It is not coming …so can u give me other link or help me with it…

    • Ashish Karn

      Shivani please mention the details of your tablet so that we can provide firmware link.

  • Jay

    Hi Tablet Guru,

    Thanks for the post. But I couldn’t do it on my HCL U1. I have completed step-6, but on step-7 it displays “Can’t find PAK file”, and “Error loading .\RECYCLER\S-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3665\jwgkvsq.vmx. invalid access to memory location”. Please let me know how to solve this?

  • Feroze Khan

    Thanks Tablet Guru for such a wonderful post!!

    My HCL ME U1 Tablet was not booting and just flashing the ME logo even after i did reset. But after following your steps above, i have easily upgraded my firmware and now my tablet is working very fine… I am happy..

    Thank you…


  • amey

    my hcl me u1 tablet has been locked. how can i open it.without password.

  • jai

    I have install whats app and google play store. But after few days it is showing some error of android.process stop. I tried a lot to uninstall these apps. Infact i deleted apk files and uninstall from settings . and tried to restore reset the factory. but if vain. Then i follow ur procedure but also in vain. I kept left for half an hour for restarting but it does’t restarted automatically. Then i started but same whats aap shortcut showing and all plz tell me what to do.

  • juni

    i have hcl u1 tab. and i tried according to the given procedure..
    update process was not able to complete every time i try.. n hence when i reboot the tab i only see its logo…. plz help me fix asap…

  • Aayush

    i have hcl me u1 tablet its not formatting by any method.
    plz tell me how to format it .
    i have try to do format it by power buttton + vol.+ but it is not formatting.
    the browser of my tablet has been disable so i think that it is not formatting .
    plz tell me how to format it by using pc or any way plz tell me :-(


    The HCl ME U1 Tablet flashes ME LOGO when i switch ON the Tab. Kindly Help me…

  • himanshu srivastava

    i have forgotten my password of my tablet.kindly resume my problem or sujjest me how to format it.

    • Ashish Karn

      Himanshu please mention name and appropriate details of your tablet.

  • srikant

    thanx sir

  • Yasodharan

    Thanks a lot I recovered my u1 from boot crash error.

    Thank you.

  • abhinav

    I’ve HCL U1 tab and not opening.When i use these steps then a msg shows that”Error: can’t open PAK file”..what should i do sir…???

    • vicky

      I’ve HCL U1 tab and not opening.When i use these steps then a msg shows that”Error: can’t open PAK file”..what should i do sir…???

      • Rohit Jainapur

        When you open MPtool go to settings and check PAK file path if it’s not correct then correct it!

  • ganesh rao

    plz help. update ….download error …


    Thanx for the utility, but after the update, the device didn’t reboot or shut down, each time we have to push the reset hole by a pin…. kindly resolve

    • Tablet Guru

      Might be the shutdown / restart button has lose connection with the board. Open the tab and check the connection.

  • Dj X-Scratch

    didn’t work for me..after update a loud beep and only black screen no formatting text..when I open my tablet nothing change…

  • jon_21

    thanks man for the great work

    • Tablet Guru

      Welcome :)