How to Flash any Dead Android Phone using PC

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Summary: This post is about how to recover the Nokia/MTK Android phone, if it has gone Dead.

                            1- How Phone gets Bricked?

Basically, phone get bricked during the installation of Android OS (flashing).

If flashing is interrupted by low battery or loose cable connection during flashing.

If your android phone has been powered by Mediatek CPU and either you are using wrong firmware or a custom ROM (unstable) to flash your phone, your android mobile will get dead.


Result: Phone will not boot even after holding the power key and it will not accept charging.

It will get stuck at logo or will restart every time I.e., Boot loop or Restart loop.

Unable to Shift phone in Recovery mode.

In this situation, Hard Reset will not work.


2- Why Phone becomes dead (MTK Android Phone)?

While installing Custom ROM or Stock firmware (unstable), Preloader(.bin) file becomes corrupted.

Preloader is the file in MTK android phone which helps to boot the phone.


3- Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Phone (Mtk Android/Nokia Java)

Now, after getting clues why phone has been dead. we will now proceed further to fix/Unbrick Mtk Android phone and Nokia Java/Symbion phones.

a- MTK (MediaTek) Android Phone

Tools & Software Required:

  1. SP Flash tool
  2. Android Stock ROM 
  3. MTK USB Driver (Steps to installation)
  4. PC or Laptop
  5. Dead MTK Phone
  6. USB cable

Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Android (MTK) Phone

***Your PC should be running on 32 bit irrespective of Window version.

SP Flash tool has 4 Dropdown, Its meaning & How to use:

a- MOTA SIU : while choosing this function before clicking on Download, only boot, recovery and Android will be updated.

b- Format All + Download : while choosing this function before clicking on Download, it first erases the old Firmware then install new firmware. (Recommended when MTK phone stuck at logo & hard reset fails)

c- Firmware Upgrade: while choosing this function before clicking on Download, its update the Android version. (Recommended when installing a higher or lower version of Android manually)

1- Install MTK driver.

2- Download the tool.

3- Unzip it and double click on Flash_tool.exe.

4- It will launch the tool.

5- Download Android stock ROM, unzip it.

6- Click on Scatter-Loading and assign the path of file (Select Firmware i.e. {.txt extension}).

7- Click on Download.

8- Switch off Mobile and connect it to PC using USB cable by pressing Volume down as boot key.

9- Flashing starts and when completed, Download OK will appear.


b- Nokia Dead Phone (Java/Symbion)

Tools & Software Required:

  1. Phoenix Tool (Disable anti virus while installing)
  2. Nokia Stock ROM 
  3. Nokia PC Suite
  4. PC or Laptop
  5. Dead Nokia Phone
  6. USB cable

Steps to Fix/Unbrick Dead Nokia Phone (Coming soon)

***Your PC should be running on 32 bit irrespective of Window version.

1- Install Nokia PC Suite.

2- Run Phoenix tool, after installation tool interface will appear like this.

Phoenix tool interface

3- Click on Tools–>Data Package download.


4- Download the Nokia Firmware .

5- After installation, Check path where Firmware has to be placed. (C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products)

6- Now, Make a Folder of the Model no which you are trying to flash.

Product enter

7- Now, Place the firmware in RM-596 folder.

8- Click on File–> Open product.

Open product

9- In type Filter, enter the model no.

Type filter

10- Click on Ok.


11- Click on Flashing–>Firmware Update. It will open Firmware Update Box, Click on Product code browse button (…) and One pop up will appear. Select the product code and click on Ok.

12- Select “Dead Phone USB Flashing”, which is in the Firmware Update box.

13- Click on Refurbish button, pop up will appear with installation instruction.

14- Switch off phone and connect it to PC using USB cable and Follow the instruction as in pop up.

15- Flashing starts and when completed Phoenix tool will notify, phone will reboot once after completion of flashing.

***In some cases Mobile will start charging as soon as connected to PC via. USB, to avoid this unplug battery and connect phone to PC without battery, as soon as the flashing starts connect the battery.

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  • John

    My Media Player (Himedia H8 TV Box) bricked due to a wrong firmware update. Is there any tools to flash the firmware through PC? My device is a Android Lollipop 5.1.1, Platform : Rockchip RK3368 (Octacore).

  • Sukhman

    My irulu u2 has problem of restart loop .tell me what should i do

  • Mohan Darshana

    samsung s4 gt-i9500 plzz need stock rom, mt6572

  • Gulshan kumar

    my andoid mobile dead after flase pleas give me solusion


    i have lenovo s820 mobile not on when press on/off button lenovo logo appear but mobile not started pls solve my problem

    • try to clear the cache in recovery then reset the device and if it fails then you have to flash the device

  • Press Any Key Preetam

    Hello Sir.. Can you help me.. I want to flash my intex aqua star 2hd.. I can’t found any file with .txt extension in Intex_Aqua_Star_II_HD_V06_Indian.. my sp flash tool not preloading the files

  • veer

    i want to flash my panasonic eluga I..but don’t know how to do that am totally stuck. Please help me out.

  • Shin Uchiha

    Hello Sir.. Can you help me My Micromax Unite 2 a106 is detect in pc and i also done flash
    using sp flash tool with original firmware. and after that it wont open ,no boot no red light in
    charging?i try to format using sp tools but i got this error..
    “BROM ERROR: S_PART_NO_valid table (1037)
    no valid partition table for nand flash”
    I flash my device many times and its working fine but now that’s happen any idea? Thanks.

  • shawn

    What happens if battery is not removed while flashing with odin

  • Satyaranjan Dash

    I can’t found any file with .txt extension in Lenovo_A6000_L_S058_151030_8G_ROW

  • Mar John

    I flashed the ROM Micromax a121 to my Cherry mobile omega icon and its failed. The result is black screen even boot logo did’nt appear on my screen. I also tried to go to the CWM Recovery but its failed. Please help me 🙁

    • you cant flash any other phone flash file to your phone… is it making sound while connecting to PC???

  • Sri Vineeth

    thank u so much bro i got my micromax e455 back by your guidelines and i also rooted my phone and i even installed cwm recovery but i cannot boot into the cwm mode so can you please help me bro ?

  • mahesh

    Sir my Panasonic eluga a got dead. It has Qualcomm 200 chipset. How to flash that. Pls reply sir.

  • Sri Vineeth

    scatter file for micromax e455 v2 cannot be found

  • Krishna Murthy

    Dear Ankur,

    My Yureka Plus 5510 phone is Harbricked and not being identified in the PC. I tried almost all methods given in Youtube videos including shorting of PINs 2 & 6 as suggested in some videos. But none is working. My phone is not fully dead and I am able to goto Recovery mode and Fastboot Mode but to no avail. Can you kindly give me technical help in getting back my phone into work.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    • try to change the charging jack port as it seems to be malfunctioned or take a look at charging jack port, a pipe like structure would be there, use any non-metallic item to rotate then try to connect the phone again (make sure you had install driver)

  • Mahadeva Prasad M

    Hi Ankur Pratap,

    1.] I am using LG Nexus -4, E960 model[16gb], on android 5.1.1.
    2.] Two days before i tried to install xposed framework module and my phone got stuck. whenever I start the phone it will load google logo comes up, after that only 4 circles pattern comes.
    My phone home screen is not loading. I think my system data got corrupted or unknowingly i deleted OS system files.
    3.]If i connect to computer it is not detected?

    So if u have detailed solution how to install Android OS 5.1.1 or 6.0 using PC or any other method please suggest me. Nexus device is having only internal storage. No external SD card slot also.

    this is a peculiar case. I tried to you tube videos methods. not working. So how to get the life for this phone?


    • try to use update file and flash it with sd card

  • Jack

    Can you please send me the preloader file link for SM-J110H ace j1

    • is it getting identified by pc???

      • Jack


      • Jack

        Actually i installed the wrong firmware and when firmware download is finished by odin then phone taking a long time to start so i remove battery…. after this phone is dead…

        • Use pit, bootloader, csc, modem, phone files for flashing and also lists is it coming to download mode

          • Jack

            Bhai agar phone connect he nahi bata raha ho to kaise hoga… aur ye sara file kaha se milega koi links

          • you can use Easy Jtag to boot repair then it can be identified by tool

          • Jack

            +966530836357 WhatsApp number

  • ashish

    While flashing lenovo a6000 it disconnected by mistake then my phone get no response while click on power botton it can’t be switch on
    Please help me

  • Suriya SB

    my tab cannot get flash . it cannot connect with pc. when i press the power button ,which only shows the company logo . then reduce charge and shut down. what i do

  • MANU A

    can you give link to download preloader.bin for gionee f103 pro. please.

  • Kent Dave Catipay

    my tablet won’t accept charge and can’t turn on

  • Ahmad Wildan Rizky Ramadhan

    After flashing, my acer z205 stopped to start and charging but my pc can identified my acerz205 please help me 🙁 how to fix it ? :((

  • Ahmad Wildan Rizky Ramadhan

    After flashing my acer z205 stopped to start and charging but gettig identified by pc how to fix it ? Please help me

  • deepak rana

    during flashig the process stoop suddenly … and now it stopped to start and charging

  • Alex

    Hi! I have Micromax Funbook P310 and I have a dead screen. My device is getting detected by the computer but when I open SP_Flash Tool and in that I proceed with Download option nothing happens I mean even though my device is read by my PC (In Device Manager device shows) but in SP Flash tool it shows searching only.
    Can you help me with that?

    • Install MTK driver & while connecting to pc press volume up & down as boot key

  • rushabh bharadva

    what if phone is not an mtk device??
    i have micromax a111 on which i want to install lollipop version please help me for this

    • is it getting detected by PC??

      • rushabh bharadva

        i didnt got u can u explain how to know it gets detected or not? i can connect to my desktop in usb data transfer mode

        • Is it making port while connecting to PC.
          Check device manger or while connecting to PC any sound is prompt

          • rushabh bharadva

            yes it makes sound nd even makes port

          • Mention the brand & Model no with S/w version. Check software version by unplugging the battery or images of About phone section

  • Vitor Baptista

    I have a Ulefone Betouch that not even switch on anymore…all was ok until it started to get laggy and after a wile stopped botting at all.
    Tried all the above steps but Flash Tool give me this error…Iv read it because of incorrect rom but iv downloaded several ones and all give me the same error…storage not match 3182
    Any clue what can be the issue?
    Is it briked forever and ever ever?

    Sorry about my “perfect” English 😉


    • Flash with the same version of file. unplug battery and Check software version. Download the same version file and install MTK driver.

  • Kalindu Jananga Godapitagama

    i have sico tab 2,1 gb ram,huawei mu509,,,i want to flash my device,,,but i cannot find my bord number in the bord,,,then tell me how to download a file for my tab please

  • NewGuy

    ***Your PC should be running on 32 bit irrespective of Window version.—
    I’m on a 64 bit PC, so would these steps work or not??

    • NewGuy

      and my tab is “Mtouch” model no. M718

    • Most of the software are successfully operated on 32 bit window

  • asif

    sir I have downloaded the stock rom but file format is tar.MD5 it is not showing in scatter loading
    Please help my phone is A710FD samsung

      • asif

        tried that also but it says operation failed

        • It can be repaired if it is getting detected by PC and if it fails then you have to boot repair

          • asif

            yes it is detected but tell me the steps to boot repair

          • Install ADB driver, Download stock rom for your samsung phone then connect the file in AP or PDA and check repartition is untick then click on start

          • Just download stock firmware from SamFirmware and flash it with odin. your phone will come to life

  • Badhan

    i have a sony xperia phone, but i couldn’t find sony stock rom. could u please tell me what should i do????

  • Johnson

    sir I have a Data Wind Tablet, and I dropped it from 5 ft . Now when I switch it on it only white screen is commiing. What I should do

    • Check PCB Board connection

      • Suriya SB

        sir i have 532mb tablet. when i press the power button which shows company logo but not working. it cannot connect to pc. what i do for put new os to tab

        • share its brand & model no

          • SANTOSH KUMAR

            MT6592, tried to flash with several roms using SP tools but not alive yet, it is detected by pc and also flash successful but not charging, no boot up, no sign of life. Due to wrong firmware it got hard bricked my phone is 2013121 Mi HM NOTE 1W. Please help!, Initially was 4.2.2 version with MIUI 37.0 ROM at startup and now before dead it was MIUI8 latest. What to do don’t know. It is showing flashed successful. Please let me know if i am missing something.

          • Model no of the device

        • Ahmad Sharifuddin

          hav this similar prob, phone lenovo s860. nd to ensure my data (pic, video especially) will not get lost. has only internal storage

          • try to install mtk driver then check device manager and to protect your data while flashing untick user data then flash. data will not get lost