Different Hard reset/factory wipe methods for Android Tablet

Hard reset or factory wipe is a method of formatting any Android device ( tablet or mobile).  By doing hard reset all the apps and files that are installed or created by the user will  deleted. Even the memory card will get formatted.  So before going for hard reset or factory swipe, it is suggested to remove the memory  card if you do not want data to be erased


For simple factory reset the process is follows:

  • Goto settings -> Back & reset -> factory data reset

After factory reset, only pre installed apps and files that came with the device will remain on it.

Hard reset info :

To do  hard reset first you have to enter into Android system recovery menu by pressing combination of buttons on the tablet. In the recovery menu select option “wipe data/factory reset” and click on it as shown in the image below.

Android recovery menu

Android recovery menu

Enter into the sub-menu. There you will find another option “Yes — delete all user data” . Select it and your tablet will get hard reset.

delete all uer data

To enter into  recovery menu you have to press few buttons on the tablet in a sequence / press combination of buttons on the tablet  and the sequence is not same for all the tablets. Tough one or more tablets can have same button sequence. Here we are listing the sequence for few tablets to be enter into the Android recovery menu.

Tablet Company Method Other info
  • BSNL Tablet ( IS703c)
Press Power button, as soon as logo appear continuously press and release volume down button See working video
  • Celkon CT2 Tab
Press and hold DOWN VOLUME key+POWER key+BACK key See working video
  • HCL Tablet
power button +  home button See working video
  • Karbonn Tablet,
  • HP Slate 7 Tablets
Power + Volume down + Volume up
  • Micromax Funbook P255
Press power button, as the logo appear continuously press and release volume down button See working video
  • Samsung Tablet
  • Lenovo IdeaPad A3000
  • Hcl Me Tab
Power + Volume up button together See working video
  • Google Nexus 7
Press and hold Power until the device powers on, then immediately press and hold Volume Down(while still pressing Power). See working video
  • Touchmate PortoTab
Press and hold Power until the device powers on, then immediately press and hold Volume Up and press and release the volume down. See working video
  • Micromax Funbook P300 & P250
 Press the power and shortcut button together
  • Opal 1000
Press the volume down + power button together
  • UbiSlate 7cz
Press the power button + back button together
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Tab A1
 Hold down the volume button ( +,- ) and then press and release power button but keep pressing the volume button



  1. Chinese tab cannot be hard reset by pressing key combination. To hard reset Chinese tablet see the instruction here.
  2. If the tablet does not have volume buttons then press the power button for 30-45 second to enter into recovery mode

Also See :

If the hard reset method does not work then reinstall the Android OS on Tablet.

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  • bhupendra lab
  • Agus Stylinson

    Hi, I have a Cromax CR-X7 tablet. I forgot the password and when I try the hard-reset methods I found, the only thing that appears on the screen is “Entering DnX mode.
    Waiting for fastboot command…”
    What should I do? 😯

  • Yves Drapeau

    Hello, I have a hipstreet flare 3 and I do a backup user data before wipe and factory reset. But i can’t restore the backup in the tablet. May I can extract the picture from the backup in windows ?

    • if you had reset the device using hard reset then you cant recover it

      • Yves Drapeau

        ok 🙁 Then the backup I made is useless. There is no way to retrieve the photos?

  • I have a Verizon Ellipsis 8 and it is out of warranty. I booted it up a few days ago and all I get is to the second screen which just has the Verizon logo. I have tried a hard reset using the power and volume buttons but nothing changes. Anyone have any suggestions PLEASE?

  • Masood Ali Raja

    hi, I have samsung kids TM-2105 , did factory reset , flash with odin, but nothing happen, after flash its written PASS and tablet restart but ever thing is same, all data and apps are there …if I choose a wifi and enter password, tablet restart, if I want to fix date tablet restart, play a video after sometime tablet restart.. what to do? plz help.

    • It seemd you had flashed with single file (Update file), use four file to flash AP, Modem, Boot loader etc

      • Masood Ali Raja

        thanks , but from where i will bring these files? the file i was using is md5 size around 1.5gb but when written pass on odin the tab restart but during the process no downloading shows on tab. its Samsung kids tab .

  • Dominique Hatch

    Hi i have a 7 inch 4.4 quad core dual tablet ive tried hard setting it with just a volume and power button but no luck

    • mention the brand, model no & chipset of the device

  • Reem

    My lenovo tablet with a forgotten password isnt executing reset factory
    What should i do?

  • Jack Bond

    hello guys, i have a kimfly android phone phone which i want to hard reset but, when i hold the power and volume down buttons it shows a triangular shape with an exclamation sign in the middle, what does that mean and how can i bypass it?

  • Mohammad Mahboob

    After factory rest my loveo tablet need gmail acount please help me

  • Julie Poirier






    DISPLAY=nuclear_gp707pub-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20121208 test-keys


















    The adb tool has moved to platform-tools/

    If you don’t see this directory in your SDK,
    launch the SDK and AVD Manager (execute the android tool)
    and install “Android SDK Platform-tools”

    Please also update your PATH environment variable to
    include the platform-tools/ directory, so you can
    execute adb from any location.

  • Bibi Terneus

    Bought a used Samsung Galaxy tab s2 and did factory reset and when I go the start up it ask for previous user Gmail is there any way around that I don’t have that information

    • Use sidesynchronize method to unlock Gmail lock in any Samsung Lollipop device

      : 1. Download and install SideSync on your pc

      2. Open SideSync and connet your Mobile

      3. A menu will appear to choose Browser choose Internet Browser

      4. Go to alnajat.co/setting.apk

      5. Click on Bookmarks -> History -> Download history

      6. Install setting.apk

      5. Open Settings.apk and then go to security and make a pin for screen lock 0000

      6. Go to Other security settings – > trusted agents -> turn off google smart lock

      7. Go to easy mode and choose Easy mode then done

      8. Go back to setting.apk and choose standard mode and then done

      9. Keep repeating step 7-8 until the home screen appears in normal mode

      10. Go to google play, and enter your pin 0000 and set up and new google account

      11. Restart the phone once completed, then go to Settings – > accounts and remove the google account

      12. Go to download mode and VOILA! …. FRP Lock: OFF

  • alex

    I have a Thompson tablet and key board the tab itself only has volume and power buttons the model is QM734-86 I can’t get past Android screen and nothing but Android logo comes up tried the volume and power button combo thing please help

  • Abdul Azeez

    also the no command error message remains static even after i press the power button and the volume up button

  • Abdul Azeez

    i own a G-Tab android, I tried to format it but it keeps giving me the green android that says no command.

  • sistla srikar

    my tablet is eagle eye ,its not entering recovery menu using keys

  • Antonia Dunster

    In need of some help my Alba tablet is stuck on the Alba screen and won’t go any further or turn off what should I do?

    • Try to reset the device once and if it fails then install android os

  • Стамат Иванов

    hi guys i just did all but when chose wipe data it gives a error ,,cannot get phone encrypte state”

    What can i do to erase all and do this wiping data

  • johnnyp57

    what is the answer tablet guru please my fingers hurt

    • Check if the tablet has reset hole, just insert pin in it to hard reset the device

  • johnnyp57

    tablet Guru how do I un-lock it

  • johnnyp57

    I have a contixo LA703 and I can’t get it to factory reset their is only volume and power buttons I have held them nothing happens