BSNL Penta T-Pad IS703C HV

The impressive BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV

The impressive BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV

The BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV was launched keeping in mind the people who need to stick to a budget, while not compromising processing power and performance.



OS Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich
Screen 7 inch, 800×600 pixels, WVGA LCD High Quality Capacitive Multi Touch Screen
Camera 0.3MP – VGA Camera
Memory Internal 8GB, TF card/MicroSD card: Expandable upto 32GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 3G Dongle
Battery Li-poly 4000mAh
Sensors G-Sensor: Rotator Screen
Video: 1080p
Other Features
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n
  • USB: Micro USB + USB
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Pre installed Skype, QQ & MSN messenger apps
  • Flash Support: Adode Flash 10.1
  • Email: Send/receive email online
Price Rs. 6,999 (8 GB )

 Supported dongles: Huawei E171, Huawei E173, Huawei E169G, Idea GSM HUAWEI E1732, AIRTEL HUAWEI E1731, Reliance GSM ZTE MF190 and  TATA Photon EC156

Available now in India for the price of Rs. 6,999, the BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV is readily available at discounted prices online, which can drop to as low as Rs. 5,989 for the 8 GB model. Here are a couple of things that customers must keep in mind before buying the BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV. 

The BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV comes pre-installed with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which is one of the most stable and best user interface Android Operating Systems on the market.


The tablet takes its design in the bar form, with a sturdy 7 inch capacitive touch screen. The screen registers touch gestures with relative ease, unlike many of the tablets in its range. The display resolution is a very decent 800 x 480 pixels, giving the screen a radiant glow.


The BSNL Penta T-Pad 703C HV has full WiFi connectivity to access the Internet. Please note: There is no scope for any SIM card installation in this Tablet – hence you cannot make calls. It does not support Bluetooth. An alternative for Internet connectivity is 3G through USB – It supports a good range of 3G USB Dongles that can run on GSM/CDMA or EVDO.

However, with WiFi, or an USB dongle, connection to Skype is a breeze and is an excellent option to use to keep in touch with people who matter.

Processing, Ease of use, and Storage Capacity

The BSNL T-Pad 703C HV is powered by 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, which immediately puts it in the league of very good tablets. The processor is fast enough to never lag, hang or get stuck. Couple that with 1 GB of RAM and you have yourself a Tablet that has the best value for money compared to even some tablets which are higher priced than this one. The storage can be expanded by 32GB more; making sure you’ll never look for extra space to store the movies, games and songs that you love.

Battery Life

With a 4000 mAh battery, this Tablet demonstrates a very decent battery life; even with full blown WiFi enabled, it lasts on an average of 4 to 6 hours.

Other Features

Along with full HD display output through the HDMI port, the Tablet features 2 cameras – front and back, for video calling through Skype and clicking photos of what’s around you, respectively.

It comes with preinstalled applications like MSN Messenger, Skype and QQ, along with a fully functional Internet Browser, making this Tablet a jack of all trades, and integrating all the essentials into one neat package.


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  • Shridhar Karjagi

    I have been using this tablet for nearly one year

    Faced these problems frequent lags( cant play games) , sudden restarts and stuck due to overheating.

    The most annoying part was the startup tune which cannot be disabled.

    Tablet guru – can you plz help me with this

  • Sandeep

    it’s WiFi feature is not working in my new penta tab, when i m any router it asks for password, after filling password it saves that wifi and does not connect

    • Take to the service center. Seems like some software issue.

  • Dhiraj Gupta

    I bought this tablet before 10 days ago. when i go to configure whatsapp it shows this version is not compatible with ur device. i contact to customer care they send me link it configure my whatsapp bt.. it shows that this is obsolet on 15th feb 2014. when i go to latest update it again shows this version is not compatible with ur device .. so plz tell me what i do……..

  • Surender

    My Tablet gets hang after 2-3 minute usage. It’s screen gets jam. No activity but screen is ON. Hard reset is the only option. Is this due to some hardware problem? or software problem? I tried doing factory reset too but in vein. Sent to the service center in noida for dead (not switching ON), since than this problem is persisting. I don’t dare to send it to service center again as it took me 1.5 month to get my tab back. (i almost forgotten that i do have a tab).

  • subrata patra

    pen-drive is supported or not?

  • Leeshiv

    does it hang on big apps like subway surfers,temple run and etc

  • Deepthi

    Can I install Whatsapp on my BSNL tablet PC..

  • nihit

    I want to buy a tablet. Which is better between BSNL Penta IS703c and IS801c?

    • If you can spare around Rs1,200 more, I would suggest you to go for IS801c. IS801c has a much better screen resolution, a better Processor, larger memory, more battery backup and is sleeker. FYI IS801c will cost you somewhere near between Rs 5,500 to Rs 6,000.

  • Vimal Sookun

    I did not charge my tablet since 2 days and the battery got down. Now when I put it on charge it does not charge.It is not even turning on.What should I do?

  • adesh

    Can we add/edit office file in it?

    • Tablet Guru

      Yes. You can..

  • Mohit


    I am having this tablet. The issue that I see is that it takes a lot longer to charge the battery to even 80-85%, sometimes it would take around 9-10 hours.
    And while using this tablet, it gets heated at the back.
    Is there any ways to resolve this issue.

    Otherwise, the tablet is very decent.

    • Sam

      Go to pental service centre and ask for that problem.they will change your tab battery

  • yoga

    Does it has GPS and google maps? Does it connect internet through BSNL Broadband modem?

    • Tablet Guru

      Yes it has Google Map and GPS. Only ways you can connect to internet is through Wi-Fi and USB dongle. LAN wired connection is not possible.