Lenovo A8-50, 8 inch Calling Tab

Lenovo A8-50 tablet Lenovo has just revealed its new A-series tablet named A8-50 with voice calling features for just Rs. 17,999. Before its launching, Lenovo has come up with two A-series tablet i.e. A7-30 and A7-50. This tablet can be purchase from company online store or from online retail store i.e. Flipkart, ebay , snapdeal and amazon. Lenovo […] Continue reading →

Huawei Honor T1 with Voice calling

huawei honor tablet Huawei has launched a tablet with telephonic feature named, Honor T1. Its display is of 8-inch and the tablet can be used for calling and sending SMS. This tablet has been firstly introduced in Malaysia and now it is available in India Market. Whereas it’s priced Rs. 9,999 and is available at Flipkart with 3G […] Continue reading →

Flipkart Budget & Medium Range Tabs

digiflip-pro-xt811 Expanding its Android tablet portfolio,Flipkart has launched two medium budget and one low budget tablet. The mid range tablet are Digiflip Pro XT811 and Digiflip Pro XT 801 and the low budget tablet is Digiflip Pro ET 701. Earlier Digiflip Pro XT 911 & 901 was launched under its logo. The price which the Flipkart is […] Continue reading →

Android Tablet White Screen issue. Quick Solution

tablet white screen problem Now a day’s its quite common between the Android Tab users is during switching on the tablet , a white display appear on the screen of the tab and it remain so. This generally happen when the tab is quite old or it has fallen on floor. A video has been posted at the end […] Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Continue reading →